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Throughout my life I have used coaching & mentorship to get me through tough times. Having a coach to guide and push me and hold me accountable as well, helped me reach goals I never imagined possible.  


Grant Cardone

Elena Cardone

Jarrod Glandt

Brandon Dawson

Richard Dolan


✔️ Weekly Coaching with my Team 

✔️ Monthly Q& A with Grant Cardone 

✔️ Exclusive PRIVATE Cardone Networking Community

✔️ SPECIAL Acknowledgement at the 10X GC4 Vegas

✔️ Weekly Targets, Assignments & Accountability

✔️ Access to Celebrity Coaches 

✔️ Special Seating for Completing Program ($3500)

✔️ Personality Assessments and Evaluations



*This seat is property of Grant Cardone and is gifted to mentors only once the 12 week program is completed & hotel or airfare confirmation is emailed to   This must take place before December 31st or will be forfeited. Also you must register by Feb 20th 2020 at Mandalay Bay Convention center or seat will be released. 


*This program can not be duplicated or reproduced  and is the property of Grant Cardone.  This is a GIFT to you for signing up for 10X Mentor.  Copying or duplicating is a violation of law and will be prosecuted.

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To receive a gratis live event ticket as a member of the 10X Mentor program, you must show confirmation of a paid hotel booking or paid airline ticket in order to select your seat and redeem your ticket. Once you have proof of flight or hotel please send your confirmation to If you are on a payment plan, the payment plan must be completed at least 60 days before the event, and in no case later than December 31st, 2019, in order to redeem your ticket and select your seat. In the alternative, if you wish to forgo those conditions and guarantee your seat, enabling you to select your seat right away, you may elect to purchase the ticket directly for the special 10X Mentor price of $495 and have your seat reserved immediately. Please note, forfeited tickets have no monetary value and are not eligible for refunds, exchanges or store credits and cannot be transferred to another event or person.

Any 10X Mentor group member that wishes to upgrade to a VIP status may also do so for the purchase price of $1295. This upgrade will enable the purchaser to select and reserve their seat upon purchase. All 10X Mentor members must be available for a group photo during the live event and hereby agree to be subject to the Release and Waiver below in order to have their image scrolled on the jumbotron. Any request made for an image from a 10X Mentor must be accommodated by the deadline given in order to be featured on the jumbotron and is also subject to the Release and Waiver below. Any 10X Mentor member that is not present at the live event hereby forfeits their live event ticket and their image will not be presented as a member of the 10X Mentor group. 

Any digital products that are purchased or accompany the 10X Mentor program are nonrefundable and have no monetary value for a store credit in accordance with our refund policy. Please be sure to enable or opt into all communications from us, as you are responsible for receiving all updates and notifications sent via email. If you unsubscribe or do not read the communication, we cannot be held responsible for any missed deadlines or expired requests. You may also text “MENTOR” to 313131 to subscribe to text messages.
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